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Money Back Guarantee

can confidently guarantee you will realize significant results from my services if you adhere to the fitness program that I design for you, or you are entitled to a full refund of your initial package cost.

In order to receive a refund you must be able to honestly say that you consistently followed your fitness program; for the specified time and did not see any noticeable results.

Client Expectations

What if I told you that by hiring my services you’d learn advanced nutritional strategies that will fast track you towards your goals. That you’d learn how to select the right foods to optimize your sporting or workout performance and gain strength, muscle, and lose body fat all at the same time! Rapid, reliable, results. All this and much more can be achieved.

If you’re serious about losing body fat, increasing athletic performance, changing your physique or increasing your strength I am confident that my services will help you reach your fitness goals.

All of my clients are dedicated to building a better body. In order for me to work with you I ask that you show up on time, train hard, follow all my instructions, make a commitment to train with me for a period of time and make up all missed appointments. If you do this I can guarantee you the results that you are looking for. It’s that simple!

Prices as of January 1st, 2015


Unlimited Price

  • Unlimited – $140
  • Half month unlimited – $70
  • Student – $85
  • Couples – $200

1 Hour Class Packages

  • 20 class package – $220
  • 10 class package – $140

30 Minute Class Packages

  • 10 – 30 min class package – $50

Personal Training Sessions

There is a three-month expiry date from the time of purchase. All packaged sessions are paid in full at the beginning of the first session.
(Minimum 10 sessions)

60 Minute Sessions

  • 10 sessions – Cost: $850

45 Minute Sessions

  • 10 sessions – Cost: $650

30 Minute Session Package

  • 10 sessions – $425

Semi Private/Group Training

The difference between winning and losing often comes down to the conditioning of a team. In the highly competitive world of sports, all it takes is one weak link to determine a successful team from a losing team. If you're serious about becoming bigger, stronger, faster and want to take your conditioning to the next level, Maki Performance Training is available to design and implement strength and conditioning programs for athletes.

Group Training

  • Groups of 2-3 people.
    $40 per person (max 4 per group)
  • 10 session commitment upfront is required.
    A session is 45 minutes.

Team Training

  • Contact for quote
  • Or call Maki at 604-719-8655.

Packages (classes and individual sessions)

1 Private (45 mins)

  • 1 private (week) and unlimited monthly classes – $340

2 Privates (45 mins session)

  • 2 privates (week) and unlimited monthly classes – $540

1 Semi Private (45 mins)

  • 1 semi private (week) and unlimited monthly classes – $240

Program Design

We can design a package to suit your needs to ensure you get the success you're looking for!

What the program design includes:

  • FMS screen
  • Corrective exercise
  • One training session (45 minute)
  • Program design with video exercise support

Cost: $200

Program Change: $60


10 Week Program

  • Private – $750
  • Semi-Private (2 people) – $1150
  • Semi-Private (3 people) – $1550

4 Week Program

  • Private – $320
  • Semi-Private (2 people) – $490
  • Semi-Private (3 people) – $660

Nutrition Add-ons3

  • For 10 Week Program
    12 week of bi-weekly follow-up visits
    ( 6 sessions – 30 mins each) – $200
  • For 4 Week Program
    6 week of bi-weekly follow-up visits
    ( 3 sessions – 30 mins each) – $105

1 If doing a 10 week program of nutrition, 20% discount will be applied to Maki Fit unlimited for 2 months if purchased.

2 If doing a 4 week program of nutrition, 20% discount will be applied to Maki Fit unlimited for 1 month if purchased.

3 Add-on packages are only available as private sessions.