Before working at Maki Performance Training, I was constantly looking for that “thing” that would challenge and change me. Nervous and intimidated I entered my first Maki Fit class. It worked. And I found my passion. I followed this passion and became certified both as a personal trainer and with Precision Nutrition.

Who am I? I am a mother of two, a wife to an avid mountain biker, and a dedicated trainer at Maki Performance Training. I usually find comfort in a run, especially in the rain. I love to find adventure on my own two feet during a long hike. I get excited to challenge myself in the gym, especially when it comes to conditioning. I can’t resist chocolate and a spoonful of peanut butter usually hits the spot. I am committed to training. I understand the hard work, dedication, and focus on nutrition that it takes to get the results you want. I am inspired by those who leave their comfort zone to challenge themselves and reach new goals. I am passionate about training and nutrition and find happiness in helping others continue to challenge their abilities and reach their goals.