Are You Successful?



There are a multitude of interesting tidbits I come across each and every day I log onto the Internet, thanks to the power of sharing through various social media platforms. This one piece I came across got me thinking about how we as human beings can easily get stuck in a rut operating inside our everyday lives which over time can distant us from becoming the person we desire to be.

Success in today’s society is often described as how much money, or personal items such as cars, homes, jewelry and clothing we own. However, if we take all these so called markers for success away, what we are left with are a person’s consistent ability to take action everyday that will often determine how much they accomplish in life.

People who are ‘happily’ married for decades, run a business for many years (while turning a profit to support themselves and their loved ones), are great role models as parents and those who enjoy their jobs and find solace in what they do will have followed at least ninety percent of the guidelines listed below.

Successful People: Read everyday / Unsuccessful People: Watch TV every day
Successful People: Compliment / Unsuccessful People: Criticize
Successful People: Embrace change / Unsuccessful People: Fear change
Successful People: Forgive others / Unsuccessful People: Hold a grudge
Successful People: Talk about ideas / Unsuccessful People: Talk about people
Successful People: Continuously learn / Unsuccessful People: Think they know it all
Successful People: Accept responsibility / Unsuccessful People: Blame others for their failure
Successful People: Have a sense of gratitude / Unsuccessful People: Have a sense of entitlement
Successful People: Set goals and develop life plans / Unsuccessful People: Just go with the flow

To me these guidelines seem like a better definition of what success should be and a standard we can aim to live by.

So, my question is, how do you match up, and what unsuccessful traits could you be doing less of and be replacing with successful ones?

Dedicated to your fitness,
Maki Riddington