John & Janet D

Ryan started football again yesterday and it looks like he has the potential to have a great season. I have to say that a lot of that potential is directly attributable to your efforts.  You said after Xmas that if Ryan worked hard he would be stronger and faster than he has ever been.  You have been true to your word Maki and Janet and I cannot be more thankful for all that you’ve done for him. Ryan has some pretty lofty goals in terms of football and whether he achieves them is in our view, not the most important thing.  What’s important to us is that he put his mind to something and gave himself every opportunity to be successful; and you were a big part of that.  I went to watch their practice yesterday and I wish you could have seen it as well.  What a difference.  I didn’t say anything to Ryan but it’s like watching a different person.  He’s like a man playing against boys and he’s so much more fit than the rest of the guys. In the meantime, we will certainly continue to put the word out about what a great job you’ve done. Thanks again Maki.