Leslie Reilly

I feel that I am stronger all over.  Before when I was just running, my core wasn’t as strong and I was having pain from a disc problem. Gradually, my core has become stronger and my disc has improved. I feel fitter and stronger when I run now too – all those squats which I dislike and he makes me do anyway have made hills and speed easier. Maki has helped me find my edge and push past it.  I like that he always changes things and training is never boring.  He keeps pushing me beyond my comfort zone, but he is very supportive and makes me believe I will accomplish what I want to over time.  I think he is perceptive and develops a really good understanding of the whole person – emotional, physical, psychological – and that makes him a great trainer.  He is serious, but he also has a great sense of humour.  I respect him, and he is respectful of his clients. I would definitely recommend Maki as a trainer.  You can trust him, and just like he is always pushing me, he pushes himself to learn more and to continue to develop as a trainer.  He is passionate about what he does, and that comes through in his training methods.