Sam Harrison


Having always enjoyed being active, Sam found herself taking fitness more seriously after the birth of her second child. Looking for more structure and challenge in her workouts, Sam joined MPT as a client in 2012. Wanting to change her physique after two pregnancies, build strength and gain confidence, she spent a great deal of time learning foundational strength movements which evolved into a passion for resistance training. After leaving a career in the financial services sector, Samantha decided to pursue her passion in a career which blends the two things she loves – coaching and fitness. Whether you’re looking for a challenging workout or a refined training strategy, Sam will guide you every step of the way. Sam is excited to help clients uncover the strength they didn’t know they had, and to build strength from within.

A long-time and proud Steveston resident, you can find Sam out for early-morning walks with her husband; she’s the one with dog-treats in her pocket for all the pups she loves to pet along the way!