“A workout should be an obstacle that becomes manageable through hard work, movement learning, proper technique and physical adaptation… then we move onto another obstacles.” – Gray Cook

About Maki Performance Training

Maki Performance Training (MPT) is a community-based, physical training studio dedicated to creating change in its clients. It offers them something not available anywhere else--a sense of togetherness and belonging that helps them achieve their personal fitness goals. We don't try to serve everyone in Vancouver, just those who appreciate the unique value of the training we offer. Clients choose MPT because it says something about who they are and what they want to become. The real results delivered by joining MPT give all our clients a story to tell. You, too, can belong to a community of change committed to bringing a high level of personal fitness into your life.

The Maki Performance Mission

We're here to keep our lives alive.
Our body is our gym--fully equipped and always open.
We don’t watch the trends--because we are the trend.
Our perfection is our personal best--not every time--but over time.
We set tough goals and then break through them.
There’s no failure in our success
The training we start is a body that finishes well.
"Find Your Fit" at Maki Performance Training.

Maki Performance Team


Maki has over 15 years of training experience, he is driven to seek more knowledge, dedicated to creating change in .... MORE INFO MORE INFO


Ryman is a sports enthusiast, and has participated in a variety of sports including rugby, soccer, football, and hockey.... MORE INFO MORE INFO


Erin is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach who loves to be outdoors in nature hiking to the top of a mountain. Erin .... MORE INFO MORE INFO


Ragani is thrilled to be a part of the MPT Team. Having discovered her passion for fitness in her early twenties she .... MORE INFO MORE INFO


Wife, mother, loves to run, advocate for the war against poverty and climate change in Kenya, lover of purses and hand .... MORE INFO MORE INFO


Jeff joined Maki Performance Training in 2015 at the front desk and fell in love with the community, atmosphere and of .... MORE INFO MORE INFO


More information to come.... MORE INFO MORE INFO
Sam Harrison


Having always enjoyed being active, Sam found herself taking fitness more seriously after the birth of her second child.... MORE INFO MORE INFO